Creechurch Lane

Creating a home for SME businesses in the heart of the City

Merchant Land are seeking to create a new, finely designed, world-class home for Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) businesses in the heart of the City of London’s financial district, at 33 Creechurch Lane.

At the centre of our plans is a desire to help meet the growing local demand for quality office space for smaller businesses to drive the City’s reputation as a world leading financial and professional services centre.

The existing six storey office building, dating from the 1970s, has been left behind following significant regeneration in and around the Eastern Cluster area. For those passing by, it provides nothing to the public realm, and is hostile and opaque at ground floor. Its outdated space can not make the contribution required to ensure the local economy continues to grow and it represents a significant ‘missed-opportunity’ to make the most of the City’s land.

The compact plot at Creechurch Lane would provide ideal floorplates for SME businesses, allowing businesses to enjoy their own efficiently sized self-contained floor with excellent accessibility, private green outdoor space, natural light, flexible layouts and natural ventilation.

Given the vast proportion of London’s new build offices, especially within the Eastern Cluster, are for much larger institutions and organisations, this smaller, more flexible space will give SME businesses the opportunity to embed themselves in the City.



Views of the proposed building


A building uniquely designed for SMEs

By redeveloping the existing buildings on the site, and providing a new 20 storey building, we will deliver:

A significant increase in jobs onsite

An increase in business
rates revenue generated
Increased employee ‘spend’ in
local shops and businesses
Further jobs through new off-site
 supply chain and induced roles
Community value generated by
new public realm
New jobs and training for the
construction sector


more jobs


Extra in business rates


Spent locally

Having your say… Safely

Your Safety First

Whilst the concerns about coronavirus mean we’re all rightly limiting the amount of face to face contact we have, it makes speaking to you to hear what you think about the plans harder.

Doing It Properly

We want to ensure you still have every opportunity to discuss these plans with us. This website and our webinar presentations enable us to carry out a ‘Socially Distanced’ consultation.

Screen or Print

But we know some people prefer to chat over the phone or read through things on paper. We can post information to you or arrange a video or audio call if that would help you. Don’t hesitate to ask us about your preferred way to speak to us.

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